Chobe Safari Lodge offers spectacular game viewing with exceptional service. Bordering Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as the Chobe National Park we are on the doorstep of many African Adventures.

Just a hop and a skip away from the magnificent Makgadikgadi salt pans,  Nata Lodge in the Nata area of central Botswana exudes mystery and antiquity. With a bird life that will astound any traveler and the opportunity to witness one of the biggest heard of Zebra in Africa, this is a destination not to  be missed. 

Meno a Kwena translates to “teeth of the crocodile”, which makes sense when you see how close to the water this unique camp site is. We are an authentic safari tented style accommodation with a passion for excellent service and a huge passion for wildlife. With a superb view of the Boteto River from camp, shared […]

Situated 19km outside the tourist town of Maun, Thamalakane Safari Lodge is a tranquil escape from 4×4’s and eager tourists in town. Nestled between the shade of the riverine trees, just on the edge of a stunning river, this luxury accommodation is committed to delivering excellent service and friendly staff to ensure that you have a relaxing holiday.  

The calming sound of water ripples gently bumping against the bank of the Khwai River soothes the sound of the Lilac Breasted Roller cries from the trees enveloping above the Sango Safari Camp site. An exquisite escape from reality, Sango Safari Camp is an oasis along the Moremi Game Reserve on the outskirts of the traditional Khwai Village. 

Chobe National Park has the largest concentration of game in Africa. Most spectacular of all its animals is the abundant elephant population that roams the great grasslands of the Botswana landscape. Not only does Chobe National Park have the biggest population of elephants in Africa but it is also the longest continuous surviving elephant population […]

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve measures up to approximately the size of Denmark making it the largest game reserve on earth. What makes it even more spectacular is that it is situated in the largest sand basin in the world and has absolutely no permanent surface water. Even so, its huge variety of flora and […]

There is a mystical place at the heart of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve that has perplexed weary wanderers for many years. This “waterless oasis” known as Deception Valley was named after the riverbed which evokes the illusion of containing water. For centuries when thirsty travellers saw the promising fold of Deception Valley on the […]

The Biblical tale of David and Goliath tells the classic story of the underdog taking on the challenge of a much larger and stronger opponent and coming away from the dual victorious. The Savuti lions of the Chobe National Park, also known as the elephant killers, are in many ways the metaphorical David of the […]

For some, the idea of visiting Africa and experiencing the beauties of Botswana is a lifelong dream. Imagine roaming that untouched African terrain in your fully equipped 4×4 vehicle, camping under the bright African stars and listening to the animals kept at bay only by the light of your fire. The prospect of embarking on […]