What are Photographic safaris? Well, simply put, a photographic safari is a safari where you arm yourself with a camera and take photos as trophies. Africa is prime photographic safari country with it’s incredible wealth of wildlife and variety of unique and dramatic environments, and whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you are […]

Great tip to keep warm in the coming winter months. Warm a rock and put it in a sock. Place it in your sleeping bag to keep your feet nice and toasty. Drying your dishes while on your self drive safari by using a mesh laundry bag….brilliant! Retro Camping Recipe: Campers’ Coffee Cake using a […]

Burchell’s zebras (Equus quagga) migrate through Chobe National Park in Botswana. A population of zebras surprised biologists by making a more than 300-mile beeline across parts of Namibia and Botswana—the longest big-mammal migration ever documented in Africa. In the wilds of Africa, food and water come and go with the seasons, and animals follow. The Serengeti is […]

Travel Adventures Botswana is happy to announce the construction of a new pole bridge over one of the deep river crossings in the Khwai area.The bridge was funded by mobile safari operators and lodges in the area as well as by Travel Adventures.We were part of the project to ensure a safe and enjoyable self […]