Useful Information

When it comes to Southern Africa, and planning your holiday here, many things are variable! Access roads, driving conditions and travel necessities are as changeable as the weather, and often, just like the weather, can change with the seasons.

Below you will find useful information to consider when planning your holiday as well as links to the Travel Adventures Botswana live information feeds on Facebooktwitter and our blog. You can also contact us directly for up to the minute information.

self-drive-safari-useful-information-1Recommended Partners & Affiliates

We have a number of other companies that we work with to ensure that all of your needs are covered. We highly recommend them as we have worked with them for many years with great success. For everything from flights to accommodation, you will find our recommended partners and affiliates here

self-drive-safari-useful-information-2Driving and Road Condition Information

The roads in Botswana include tar, gravel, sand, mud and water crossings, and conditions vary greatly depending on the season. Problem sections can be easily navigated or avoided by taking sensible precautions. We provide you with a basic breakdown of what you can expect in your Bush Briefing before you set out on your trail.

self-drive-safari-useful-information-3National Parks & Game Reserves Information

It is important to know what the rules and regulations are when it comes to the various National Parks and Game reserves in and around Botswana and Southern Africa.  This can include everything from restricted products to new developments and news about individual parks and Reserves. For basic guidelines, rules and regulations, useful information and current news about the National Parks and Game Reserves you are planning to visit you can click here.

self-drive-safari-useful-information-4Other Information

On our “Other Useful Information” page we tackle some of your FAQ’s and provide you with more interesting information about things you might not even have though to ask! Click here to have a look at the other useful information you might want to know about before you embark on your trip.