Photographs by Evan Schiller The African wilds can be a merciless place, a place where “eat or be eaten” and “survivial of the fittest” ring very true. But sometimes even the most dangerous of animals can surprise us. Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth were on a game drive in the northern Botswana’s Selinda area […]

Some were “bush virgins” and had never been camping or even off road before. Some were nervous and would only go if they were promised some “steel” between them and the lions at night. Others were “bush pros”, but all 12 of us were excited about our trip to Mabuasehube, Botswana Text and Photography: Sandra […]

Meno a Kwena translates to “teeth of the crocodile”, which makes sense when you see how close to the water this unique camp site is. We are an authentic safari tented style accommodation with a passion for excellent service and a huge passion for wildlife. With a superb view of the Boteto River from camp, shared […]