Chobe National Park has the largest concentration of game in Africa. Most spectacular of all its animals is the abundant elephant population that roams the great grasslands of the Botswana landscape. Not only does Chobe National Park have the biggest population of elephants in Africa but it is also the longest continuous surviving elephant population in Africa. These Kalahari Elephants are the largest of all elephants so they really are a sight to see.

They migrate 200km south in the rainy season to enjoy the lush trees and cool summer pools left in the bush after the rains. The elephants migrate back up north again to the permanent Chobe River and the Linyati River as the pools start drying up after the rainy season, leaving the soil dry and empty of nutrients. What makes this elephant population so unique is their utter freedom to not only roam around Chobe National Park which is the third biggest game park in Botswana, but they also to travel across the border into Zimbabwe.

Protected from poaching and hunting, the Chobe elephants have learned to be more trusting of tourists and visitors, making their normally shy nature obsolete and giving you the best opportunity to see them up close.  To book an escape and experience these beautiful serene animals visit Travel Adventures Africa  for more information.