Drivers Training Programme

Even the toughest 4×4 vehicle cannot correct serious driver error. Unless you are an experienced off-roader – in sand, mud and water – we recommend clients undertake a 4×4 driving course before their self drive safari.

Our unique drivers training programme offered in Maun allows you to brush up on your 4×4 self drive skills for a hassle-free holiday. The drivers training programme incorporates a few hours instruction under the watchful eye of one of the Travel Adventures off road driving instructors.

During the course you will be briefed in detail on:

  • Driving in deep sand
  • Driving in mud
  • Driving through water
  • Advised how to deal with wild animals (i.e. elephants in the road)
  • When to drive in 2 wheel drive
  • When to drive in 4 wheel drive high range
  • When to drive in 4 wheel drive low range
  • Recovering vehicle from Sand, Mud and Water (season dependant)
  • Changing tyres and the correct use of recovery equipment including high lift and /or air jacks.

This service is available in addition to any self drive safari or 4×4 vehicle hire and must be booked in advance.

The daily rental of the vehicle &
Instructor fees US $120

For more information regarding our drivers training programme rates and details you can download the pdf here or contact our team at Travel Adventures Botswana directly.

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